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How to submit your Worship Song!

“Our continued goal is to create a community of artists that support and promote each other with the common purpose of glorifying God. Now in partnership with the Gospel Music Association and Gospel Music Academy, we ask you to join us as well. You can start by sharing your talents with your fellow Christian artist community.”

Here’s How To Enter

Step 1. Film a 30-second introduction of yourself and your original worship song

Step 2. Keep the worship song under 3 minutes in length.

Step 3. Upload your video here

Contest Rules

1. Worship song must have original lyrics and music

2. Solo acts are preferred - no bands

(if you are a part of a band, must be a lead singer)

3. Live recordings only

(if you do not play an instrument your vocals must be sung live to a track)

4. May only submit one worship song 

Top Entries

Go With Me 2

Noah D. Burger

0 102 0

My Words

Craig Smith

0 66 0

Greater Things

Mark Scriven

0 173 36

Threshing Floor

Jessica Gerhardt

0 221 167

"Go With Me"

Noah Burger

0 33 0


Brittany Neichele

0 215 76

About us

The Cantinas Arts Foundation is a Christian non-profit which exists to INSPIRE, CREATE, BUILD, and GROW A COMMUNITY that is motivated to share their talent and Faith through Arts and Media. The team at Cantinas Arts believes that artists through their individual expression and various mediums become the catalysts to impact culture, propel destiny, and establish themselves as historians in an everchanging world.